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Add Emotion, Excitement & Depth to Your Writing

This screenwriting book starts where others leave off and: 

  • Explains the principles of plot in a clear language
  • Shows you how to design your story to increase the emotional impact
  • Gives you tools to integrate plot, characterization and exposition to make stories more compelling and understandable
  • Demonstrates how to plot for emotion and suspense to deepen your characterizations and your audience's involvement
  • Teaches you how to recognize and overcome common plot problems
  • Shows you how to take your script to the professional level


Get to the Heart of the Plot!

Using examples from recent and classic films, Linda demonstrates plot must be as much about the emotions of the characters as the events of the plot for the audience to connect with the story.

Examples include: Alan Ball's American Beauty, Tom Stoppard and Marc Norman's Shakespeare in Love, Susannah Grant's Erin Brockovich, David Knoepp's Spiderman, as well as classics like Robert Towne's Chinatown, Peter Benchley and Carl Gottlieb's Jaws, and more. 

Great plotting evolves from characters caught in life changing conflicts. Learn how to show your characters in response to their conflicts to make your screenplay jump off the page.

Move Beyond Techniques, Turning Points and Act Breaks

Discover a new view of storytelling and add a dimension to your old vision of structure.

If you've read the books, taken the classes and written the screenplay, but the script's still not working, THE ART OF PLOTTING can help you.