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The Art of Plotting


What They're Saying About Linda

"I knew when I first heard Linda speak at the WGA here was a great teacher of screenwriting. The fantastic work she's done with our students speaks for itself. She's both clear and subtle about story; I recommend her wholeheartedly!"

Amedeo D'Adamo -- Founding Dean and Former President of the Los Angeles Film School

"I really enjoyed working with Linda. She taught me an unbelievable amount about scriptwriting, not to mention the difference between sentiment and sentimentality, which I hope I'm demonstrating right now."

Cathy Randall -- Writer/Director of Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger

"Linda's seminar has given us a powerful set of tools to evaluate the television and feature projects we acquire and develop. I highly recommend it to any production or development executives, as well as aspiring writers."

Steve Tobenkin -- President, LeTo Entertainment, LLC

"Everyone has a great story to tell. However, telling it well can be a great mystery. Linda Cowgill unlocks the mysteries and shows you how to get the story out of your head and onto the pages of your script."

Star Frohman (former student) -- Staff Writer on Life Goes On and Beverly Hills, 90210 - episodes for Touched By An Angel, Early Edition, Twice In A Lifetime, and Any Day Now

"Linda's class was a revelation in plotting! Her straightforward approach is clear, concise and filled with 'Ah-ha, now I get it,' epiphanies. In just a few hours I learned not only how well known plot structures function, but how to apply those keen insights to my own work. Without a doubt it's far and away the best seminar out there -- it's the last class I'll ever take, because it's the only class I ever needed."

Bebe Flynn -- Screenwriter

"Linda Cowgill's approach to screenwriting is concise and exciting. As a motion picture film editor I appreciate her skills and sensitivity."

Donn Cambern -- Romancing the Stone, The Last Picture Show, Easy Rider, Excalibur, The Bodyguard

"Linda Cowgill's Art of Plotting seminar really motivated me as a writer. As she explained each key element of plotting, I could immediately see its application to the script I was writing. She gave me gave me the tools to analyze great scripts and taught me how plotting moves the story along to its inevitable climax."

Lanette Brown -- Screenwriter

"Linda Cowgill has an uncanny insight into the conventions of Hollywood storytelling and the subtle mechanics of dramatic plotting. I highly recommend her seminar to anyone who has a concept that they want to develop, or a plot that needs thickening."

Ken Sanders (producer) -- Blind Obsession, She's No Angel, Facing the Enemy, Living in Fear, Alone with a Stranger, The Perfect Nanny, Farewell My Love, Her Married Lover, A Table for One, The Landlady, Captured, The Night Caller

"The relationship of plotting to character and scene construction is the final piece of the puzzle in making your story really work. No one else deals with plotting the way Linda does. Her approach can bring a writer's story to life."

Gabrielle Kelly (producer) -- All the Queen's Men, Dancing in the Shadows, Stag, D.A.R.Y.L.

"Linda knows her stuff. Without her guidance and advice, my script and my short film wouldn't be what they are. I owe her a lot!"

Matt Kadish -- Writer/Director of the short film The Outsideman

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